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Ted “The Golden Voice” Williams Show

Ted Williams, in 2011 was deemed as “The Man with the Golden Voice” now joins the world of video podcasts with his new show called “The Golden Voice Show with Ted Williams”. Ted brings his booming radio voice, his charismatic, energetic personality, and his real-life experiences directly to your screens all over the world.

“You get to see my Bighead and Big teeth…lol”. More than just a talk show, it’s intriguing, it’s funny, it’s in your face real talk from real people.

Ted will be interviewing amazing talents, movie stars, influencers, and everyday people from all over the world, from the streets to the pint house. “Everyone is a star on the Golden Voice Show”

Ted is no stranger to life’s rollercoaster, which he will share his life journey to help others. No conversation is off limits. After each episode, you’ll be wanting more. The Golden Voice Show with Ted Williams can be seen here on the